descriptionUnnamed repository; edit this file to name it for gitweb.
ownerMariano Alvira
last changeThu, 2 Dec 2010 23:54:04 +0000
2010-12-02 Mariano Alviraadd license to source master
2010-12-02 Mariano Alviraoverride the libmc1322x linker script to allocate a...
2010-12-02 Mariano Alvirarun anticollision continuously
2010-12-02 Mariano Alviraadd stack check
2010-12-02 Mariano Alviraadd tag_quiet command
2010-12-02 Mariano Alvirainventory is a tag command
2010-12-02 Mariano Alvirathis is working well.
2010-12-02 Mariano Alvirathis is working pretty well with 16 slots. 1 slot seems...
2010-12-02 Mariano AlviraThis should be the proper anticollision for 1 slot.
2010-12-01 Mariano Alviraworking recursive anticollision. tested with 16 slots.
2010-12-01 Mariano Alvirafixes to irq handler
2010-11-30 Mariano Alviracode and comment cleanup
2010-11-30 Mariano Alvirathis works with both slots 1 and 16 and masks.
2010-11-30 Mariano Alviraupdate comment describing status
2010-11-30 Mariano Alvirathis code has them responding in the right slot
2010-11-29 Mariano Alvirastarting on a irq handler to match what they do
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